24/7 Website Uptime Monitoring and Outreach for Your Pagely VPS

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Pagely tracks all kinds of data points for your server and 24/7 incident response is included with every VPS plan. Our team will often times detect an issue before you and reach out to let you know about it.

This article outlines how Pagely monitors your sites and notifies you of any problems with your Pagely VPS, as well as recommended ways for you to monitor your sites as well.

Table of Contents

  1. What sort of monitoring does Pagely do for me?
  2. I want to monitor my site for uptime too, how should I do it?
  3. I want to monitor more than just up/down status, how should I do it?

What Sort of Monitoring Does Pagely Do for Me?

We monitor the overall health of your server, ensuring the web server and PHP runtime are in good working order and responsive.

We also monitor for successful WP Cron execution, backup freshness, disk space, and a host of other key indicators.

Our team will interpret these events and provide you with a concise summary when an outreach ticket is created.

As part of going live with a site, you may also request for us to add site-specific uptime monitoring. This sees if your application is able to initiate WordPress, connect to the database, and if the object cache is functioning. A special /pagely/status/ endpoint is available for every site which bypasses caching and provides vital health information. Please note, since we are monitoring the overall health of your VPS as well as many other data points, it is not necessary to have Pagely monitor every single site individually. However, you are welcome to set up additional checks on your end for added visibility.

Any alerts triggered by Pagely's managed uptime monitoring is handled by our 24/7 incident response team. We always reach out to you with a ticket if we spot an issue, providing helpful information on the problem that occurred and any steps we may have taken on your behalf to bring the site back online.

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I Want to Monitor My Site for Uptime Too. How Should I Do It?

If you would like to monitor your sites as well (it never hurts to have a 2nd opinion!), there are many third party services available which make this easy to do. Some customer favorites are Pingdom.com, updown.io, and AWS CloudWatch - but there are many great options out there beyond those three. Whichever solution you use for uptime monitoring, we recommend pointing the checks at the /pagely/status/ endpoint instead of the homepage or wp-login.php as it is designed specifically for monitoring. Please also be mindful of the frequency and number of locations the checks are run from as too many checks at the same time can cause issues for your real visitors. We recommend an interval of 60 seconds and checking from 3 locations.

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I Want to Monitor More Than Just Up/Down Status. How Should I Do It?

Many of our customers have good things to say about New Relic's PHP APM product. This will provide you with much more insight and inform you of detailed performance trends. We support this integration and can install the agent for you, all you need to do is create a support ticket and provide us with your license key. New Relic does also have uptime monitoring options available and can integrate easily with your own team's communication channels.

We also support integration with LogEntries which you can use for creating alerts based on data in the web access logs or PHP error logs.

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