How Do I Purge All the Cached Pages/Assets for My Site?

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Pagely aggressively caches your page output and your .css, .js and images. These assets can be cached for hours or weeks depending on the type. Some useful things to know.

When Is the Cache Automatically Cleared?

  • Whenever you update a post or page, the cache for that post and your homepage are automatically cleared.
  • Whenever you add a new post or page, the cache for the homepage and your /feed is automatically cleared.

When Does the Cache Expire?

  • Pages are cached for around 30 minutes.
  • CSS, JS and Images are handled by PressCDN and are cached for 2 weeks.
  • Staging urls like are not cached at all but might still use the PressCDN.

Please note that browser caching can be set up to change the way the browser is storing these files and would require you to clear your browser cache. For more information on clearing your browser cache, take a look at the appropriate documentation for your browser:

How Do I Manually Clear All Caches?

There are 2 ways to nuke everything in cache.

Manually Clearing Your Cache from WordPress

  1. Log into your WordPress site.
  2. On the left side WordPress admin menu, click on Pagely, then on App Dashboard.
  3. Press the Purge All Caches + CDN button.

Manually Clearing Your Cache from the Atomic Control Panel

  1. Log into your Pagely account and access the Atomic control panel.
  2. Click on CDN on the left side menu to access the CDN page.
  3. Locate the URL that you want to clear the cache on, and click the Edit icon to the right of the URL.
  4. Finally, click on the Purge Cache button.

When the cache has been successfully purged, the Last Purged date will update to the current timestamp.


Manually Clearing Cache with WP-CLI

If you want to use WP-CLI to clear your cache, you can use the following command:

wp cache purge

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