How does handle Core/Plugin upgrades?

Q: offers automatic upgrades of the WordPress Core and plugins. How does this work?
A: Our system is uniquely designed to keep thousands of WordPress sites updated, secure, and running smooth like butter.  Our upgrade process happens in the background and is a non-event. Core files are upgraded as new releases come out and Plugins are updated daily. See below for more info.

Q: Upgrades (in the past) have been known to break things. How does handle that?
A: See the last answer below. 

Q: Can I opt out of upgrades?
A: No, well sorta. The Core will be upgraded regardless to maintain security throughout the service. All plugins within the official WordPress repository will also be updated. If you customize a plugin and do not want it overwritten at the next cycle you need to: change the plugin folder and file name, as well as change the plugin name comment header in the plugin file.

Q: Does wait for stable Core versions?
A: Yes. We will typically push a point release (3.0.1 to 3.0.2) the same day. However a major release like 2.9 > 3.0 we waited many weeks until 3.0.1 came out. Major releases include a lot of features which may or may not need some extra time to test. 

Q: Are there rollback options?
A: We make nightly backups of everything. So yes we can always rollback if need be. However 99% of the time the issue would be with an older plugin not compatible with a newer version of WordPress. In these cases we have a handy self-service WhiteScreen Eliminator that allows you to reset your Plugins and/or Theme back to defaults. Nothing is deleted, only de-activated. 

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