How does Pagely handle core & plugin updates?

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Pagely performs automatic updates of WordPress core and any plugins. Our system is uniquely designed to keep thousands of WordPress sites updated, secure, and running smooth like butter. Our upgrade process happens in the background and is a non-event. Core files are updated as new releases come out and plugins are updated daily. 

The WP core will be upgraded to maintain security throughout the service. In the event the WP core files we manage are overwritten, we'll revert that and perform any upgrades as needed. If you wish to modify/manage the WP core files/directories, that won't be possible on our platform.

Can I opt out of upgrades?

While not recommended, VPS customers can place a version hold as a short term fix should there be any site issues. Shared customers do not have the same option.

All plugins within the official WordPress repository will also be updated. If you customize a plugin and do not want it overwritten at the next cycle you need to change the plugin folder and file name, as well as change the plugin name comment header in the plugin file.

Does Pagely wait for stable core versions?

Minor Releases are typically pushed out the same day they are released. Major releases are typically pushed within a 2-5 week window or at the first minor release the tag.

Are there rollback options?

We make nightly backups of everything, so we can always rollback if need be. However, 99% of the time the issue would be with an older plugin not compatible with a newer version of WordPress. In these cases we have a handy self-service WhiteScreen Eliminator that allows you to reset your plugin and/or theme back to Pagely defaults. Nothing is deleted, only de-activated. 

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