Go Live

When you are ready to make you site live (See pointing traffic to Pagely) on your actual domain, do the following.

1. In Hosting Panel click Apps > All Apps > the domain you'd like to manage > App Details.  Under Aliases, click the blue arrow for the url you'd like to make primary. This will trigger a server restart and as long as DNS/A record is in place the site will start responding shortly after.

2. If your domain is not listed as an alias, you'll need to add it first. In Hosting Panel click Apps > All Apps > the domain you'd like to manage > App Details.  Under Aliases click the blue + icon. 

You will then be prompted to Add New Alias. Enter the new Alias > Create Alias. Then repeat step 1


3. Point your domain to our system.

Read How do I point traffic to pagely 


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