My site appears down, what should I do?

Your site may be up, but unreachable by you, or it could be genuinely down. Most likely it is a DNS issue. If you (or us) have recently made a DNS change it my take some time to propagate. Please follow these steps to help diagnose the issue.

  1. Is it just a "whitescreen"? Maybe you were editing your theme and made an error. See this topic.
  2. Type your domain into this simple form and it will tell you if the site is down for real, or just a local connection issue.
  3. If it is down "just for you" it is most likely slow DNS on your end. Follow these instructions for your operating system to use OpenDNS lookup to speed up propagation for you domain.
  4. If it is down for everyone, please verify your nameservers and or host records have been set to point to our service and then contact support.
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