My site is Slow, what should I do?

Q: My site is Slow, what should I do?

A: The first this to do is try and determine why it is slow.  There would be 3 possible reasons what your site appears to be slow.

  1. Your actual internet connection is slow.
  2. A plugin or theme function on the site is bogging things down.
  3. Pagely's servers are actually being slow.
Here are a few ways to help diagnose which of these 3 it is.
  • Try to test your internet connection and make sure you are not having any issues there.
  • If you use the firefox browser, install the firebug plugin for it and watch the Net panel as a page loads, you can isolate which call is slowing things down.
  • You may also wish to disable all plugins and slowing enable them again and test for which one is causing the slow down. 9 times of 10 a plugin you have running is the culprit slowing down or breaking your site. 
  • If your site still appears to load very slowly; after you have tested your internet connection and after you have disabled all plugin, please contact support as there may be something going on in the network stack we can investigate and remedy.

You can also read here regarding cookies and sessions and how they can affect your site speed:

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