Domain Aliases in Atomic Hosting Panel

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Aliases are alternative/additional domain names this site will respond to.

You may create additional aliases at any time. A common alias is www. and must be configured in our system if you wish your site to respond to www. requests.

To change the primary domain of a site, you actually create an alias for domain you wish to use, and then promote it to "primary". For more information, please check out our Can I/How do I switch the domain on a Pagely site already running? article.

It is a good idea to 301 aliases to the primary in most cases. The 301 redirect will redirect any requests to the primary domain. If you want to redirect specific pages/paths, you'll need to use a redirect plugin or custom rewrite rules.

For Multisite users: An alias must be configured for every sud-domain/domain you are "Mapping" to your multisite install. Or if you are using a sub-domain setup, it's recommended to add a wildcard alias on the domain.

NOTE: If you switch aliases between a staging/dev site and production site and use PressDNS, you must ensure you re-create the DNS zone on the production site.

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