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Using WP-CLI Command Line Tools

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All VPS and Enterprise plans come with a powerful command line tool known as WP-CLI. For an overview of basic commands, open terminal and enter the following.

Accessing WP-CLI

Since WP-CLI is installed by default on all VPS/Enterprise accounts, using it is easy. Here's how to do it:

  1. Connect to your site using SSH.
  2. Switch to your site's main directory with the following command, replacing with the primary domain of the site you want to manage:
    cd ~/sites/
  3. Finally, test that WP-CLI is working properly and view a list of the available commands with the following:
    wp --help

Accessing Help Documentation

Every command, sub-command, and parameter inside WP-CLI is available with the --help parameter. For example, if you want to see all of the available commands inside WP-CLI, run the following:

wp --help

But what if you're looking for more information on a particular command? Since the --help parameter is global, you can run it on an individual command like this:

wp plugin --help

If you run the above command, you'll see deeper information on the plugin WP-CLI command, such as subcommands and additional parameters that are available for that particular command.

Common WP-CLI Commands

Viewing WordPress Plugin Details

Display information about your current plugins, including details about which plugins are active/inactive and if they have an update available.

wp plugin status

Viewing WordPress Theme Details

Display a list of installed themes, your active theme and updates available.

wp theme status

Search and Replace Inside Your WordPress Database

Search for a value with your database and replace it with something else.

wp search replace

Open a Command Line MySQL Client

Open a MySQL command line client to interact with the database.

wp db query


Further Reading

Nearly all common WordPress functions are available in wp-cli for a full list and updates of new commands that become available you can check the official WP-CLI website.

Please view our WP-CLI blog post for some extra tips.

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