What is PressCACHE™ and how does it work?

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PressCACHE™ is our caching mechanism used on our shared platform at Pagely and has 3 primary aspects:

  1. PressCACHE handles the caching of your site content (rendered HTML pages) to speed up delivery of your WordPress site. Settings are accessed directly via your WordPress admin screens where you may turn it on/off, or enable developer mode. There is really nothing else to do other than turn it on, and enjoy the speed.

  2. PressCACHE is also responsible for globally serving your content from the nearest location to your viewer. Use our PressDNS service to maximize PressCACHE effectiveness.

  3. PressCACHE also contains our PressARMOR security rules at each network edge location to keep your site secure, block bot attacks, and other Wide Application Firewall (WAF) type security measures. 

If you know what a CDN is then you understand how PressCACHE works.  Content is cached at one or several of our POPs (Point of Presence) and the next time a request is made for your site, the POP closest to, our with the best response time, delivers the cached page to the user. Net effect is faster speeds to a global audience.

Current Live POPs

  • US - Virginia 
  • US - Oregon
  • EU - Ireland
  • ASIA -  Singapore

NOTE: The use of PressCache will not work for our shared customers who utilize SSL certificates on their sites. HTTPS traffic is passed through our load balancers located in our Virginia data center.

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