2-Factor Authentication

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We have recently added 2FA to all Pagely Atomic accounts. [What is 2FA

2FA adds another layer of security to your account and we encourage all customers to utilize it.

To Enable, Login to Atomic and Navigate to your Account Details screen, There click the 2-Factor Auth tab and click the Enable 2FA button which brings up the screen below.

You need a mobile app on your mobile phone to read the QR code and create tokens. We recommend Google Authenticator. (Available or Android and iPhone).

Scan the QR code, and enter the 6 digits the app give you to verify setup. If successful you will now have 2FA enabled. 

Each time you login now, you will be presented an additional step asking for a 6 digit verification pin. Simply open your Google Authenticator and enter the new random code.

If you run into any trouble, feel free to contact support. If you ever need 2FA disabled you will be required to successfully verify your identity with our support department using other methods we have available.

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