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Add Collaborators to your Pagely Account

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Atomic provides a much more robust set of collaboration features. This version allows you to set roles and permissions based on the desired usage of the collaborator. Let's review how to setup a new collaborator and grant the desired access.

It's important to add any and all collaborators (with appropriate role) in the event we need to communicate with your team regarding important service and account notifications. Our correspondence will be limited to those who are not listed as collaborators.

Log into Atomic and on the left panel select Account > Collaborator Access. Within the Collaborator Access section, you have two new areas regarding account access. The first is "Who may Access my Account" and "Which accounts may I access".

The section "Who may Access my Account" gives you the ability to add Collaborators with specific roles under your Pagely account. From basic access to only one site via SFTP - to full access to the entire account, the level access is up to you. The Account Owner can add any type of collaborator to their account. The Super-Admin collaborator has the ability to add Tech, Billing, or Site-Only collaborators to the parent account.

We currently have six different levels of access for an account. Please see the spreadsheet below for the full list of permissions. 


To view a larger version of the user permission matrix above, please click here.

Once you have selected which level of access you want to grant the new collaborator, its time to add the user. In the Collaborator Access section, next to "Who may Access my Account", select the New icon. A pop-up page will appear titled "New Collaborator" with fields to enter specific information about the user. 

Enter in the full name of the user along with the email address. From the drop-down, select which level of access you wish to grant the user. Click "Lookup" to verify that the collaborator can be added to your account. If all the information is valid, click "Save and Apply". Access has now been granted for the collaborator, a email will be sent an email with login details and instructions.

* Collaborator management details can be found here

Check out a short video overview on Collaborator Roles and Permissions.

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