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Add SSH keys to your Pagely account

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There may be a better way to do this!

As of February 1st, 2018 Pagely began swapping customers over to ARES and our new Atomic interface. While this article is still valid, more convenient methods may now exist to add your SSH keys. If you are a Pagely customer you should have received an email, but if you have not please contact support if you have questions.

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Add SSH Keys to your Pagely account

Pagely now provides our VPS users the ability to add SSH keys to the Atomic dashboard. With the new release of Atomic, we only allow SFTP/SSH access with SSH keys. Password logins for newly created SFTP/SSH users is restricted. If you have not generated SSH keys yet, please look over one of the following articles to get started:

For Mac users click here

For PC users click here

Once you have your SSH keys, you will log into Atomic to add the keys to your account. Inside Atomic, on the left panel, select Account --> My SSH Configuration.

Within the "My SSH Configuration" section, you will first add a new SSH user. The field on the right has an area to type your username. Once you input the username click Set Username.

 Now that the user has been created, the page will update and have a field where you can enter in the SSH public key. Copy your public key and paste it into the field below "Add New Public Key", then click Upload Key.

The section "Your SSH Public Keys" will now have the SSH key you entered. Please allow a few minutes for the server to update with the new keys.

If a SSH key needs to be removed you can do this within the "My SSH Configuration" section of Atomic. Under "Your SSH Public Keys" click the red box on the upper right corner of the user you wish to remove. Once this red box is selected, the key will be removed.



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