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Deleting TLS / SSL certificates in Atomic

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This article explains how to delete an SSL / TLS Certificate that you've installed in Atomic. By default the trash can icon will be disabled to prevent you from accidentally deleting an active TLS / SSL certificate. To delete this certificate, you must EXPLICITLY deactivate the cert.

Step One - login

Log into your Atomic dashboard, and click on the SSL section to your Left.


Step Two - Select domain

Navigate down to the SSL Management section, and click on your domain, or your domain's "eye" icon.


Step Three - select domain settings

Click on your domain once more to see its certificate settings...


Step Four - Deactivate

Click the Deactivate button at the bottom...


Step Five - Return to SSL management

Return to the first SSL management page and the Trash can icon should now be active!


NOTE: If it's still inactive you may need a simple refresh the page to see if this resolves the issue.

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