Standard Migration Procedures

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In instances where you migrate an application internally our team will notify you of the risk of downtime known as 'the cutover period'. Why this may seem alarming, it is only to ensure you are prepared for any disruptions during this process.

Being prepared reduces risk. As such, we've outlined below the procedures we follow during our migration process.

Prior to this process, our team will schedule a day and time to begin our migration procedure. On the day we initiate this procedure, we will update your account via ticket that we have begun.

Step 1: Initial Sync of Files and Databases

When the process begins, we will request you avoid making any major changes to the site content or the database during this procedure. If changes are made they will in all likelihood be caught during the final sync stage, but it's best to consider this a code freeze from the point of the initial sync until the procedure is complete.

Step 2: SSL Certificates and Other Custom Configurations 

At this step we will install SSL certificates and test them before the cutover. We do the same for any other custom configurations such as reverse proxies, filters, etc.

Step 3: Final Sync and Cutover

We will notify you again when we start the final sync and cut over. During this period a proxy will be in place to "bridge" traffic between your old and new server. By the time it is at this stage, our automation has performed basic testing and things should be functioning correctly.

Step 4: Update DNS

Once we activate the live proxy to send traffic to the VPS, we will update this ticket so you can make the DNS changes. This should take place as soon as possible. When updating your DNS we recommend for you to set your TTL to the lowest possible value with your current registrar.

As mentioned, we take measures to ensure a seamless transition by utilizing live proxy. However, there is always a small chance of unforeseen issues, so try to account for several minutes of downtime.

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