Where can I find my hostname?

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Your hostname would be provided in the activation letter Pagely sends to you when your VPS becomes active. This can either be found in your previous emails, or in your support history.

If you still cannot find your hostname there are two options for you...

Option 1: Utilize your servers IP address

If you log into atomic-beta.com > Apps > Click on an applications Settings ICON > and select "SFTP details" you will reveal your VPS's IP address. This can be used in lieu of your hostname, for example...

ssh -i ~/.ssh/pagelykey user@***.vps.pagelyhosting.com

Would become

ssh -i ~/.ssh/pagelykey user@{YOUR_IP_ADDRESS_HERE}

with no brackets, just numbers and dots.


Once you've logged in, you should be able to deduce your IP ADDRESS...

Option 2: Contact support to resend your activation letter

Support has the ability to resend your activation letter. You will ned to be verified, and only the account owner will receive this, but it will provide you with your VPS's hostname.

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