Can I order a separate or additional server?

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If you're an existing customer and want to add an additional server the process is pretty much the same as creating a new account. Here's what you need to do...

  1. You'll need to either log out of your account, use your browser's private mode, or use another browser to continue with this process.
  2. Afterwards, go to our sign up page.
  3. Use a different email address, or you can use a + tag to re-use the same email as the owner of the existing account, such as

If you wish to have it reside in the same data center as the existing server you can select the same one, and you can let us know if you'd like that server to use the standard shared RDS database tier or if you prefer to keep all your apps databases on your private RDS.

Once the new account is created we'll begin provisioning the server and then you will be able to add your collaborators to the new account. This will re-use the same SSH usernames and public keys if the collaborator is already configured on the main account, and Atomic makes it easy to switch contexts between the two accounts once this is done.


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