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Generating a CSR in Atomic

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This document will explain how to generate a CSR in your Atomic dashboard once logged in.

What is a CSR?

A CSR (Certificate Sign Request) is a message sent to a certificate authority (CA), which is needed in order to apply for a digital identity certificate. It will contain information such as...

Common Name: (example -

Organization: (example - Pagely customer's company name)

State/Province: (examples - California, or Trentino!)

Organization Unit (Optional): (example - Pagely customer's IT department)

Email: (example -

If you intend to provision SSL certificate from another authority you will need a CSR. It is best to create your CSR with your host provider (us) as generating this file will generate a private key that ideally would not be moved. 

PLEASE NOTE: We recommend deploying your application BEFORE this endeavor. As this will make for a much more linear process.

Step One - login

Log into your Atomic dashboard, and click on the SSL section to your left.


Step Two - click add certificate

Click the "Add Certificate" option and select "Create CSR"


Step Three - select domain

Select your domain from the drop down menu...

NOTE: If you wish to generate a wildcard CSR, you'll have to select a app/domain first. You can then define the wildcard domain on the next screen.


Step Four - add info

Add your Organization and Country, select Continue...


Step Five - continue

Add your City, State/Province, Organization Unit (optional), and Email address. Select continue to review...


Step Six - review

Review your Progress, then generate your CSR!


Step Seven - copy

Copy the contents to your clipboard, and paste the following into a text editor, note pad, etc. for safe keeping...


You're done!

Once you provide your CSR to your Certificate Authority they should provide you with a public key (postfixed with ".crt) for you to apply in your Atomic dashboard. You can use the following article: Adding SSL certs to Atomic - to assist you.

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