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Installing a Free Let's Encrypt SSL Certificate

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Let's Encrypt is a certificate authority that provides TLS/SSL encryption via an automated process designed to reduce the time and cost of producing/renewing site certificates. Many hosting companies have implemented this process into their workflow, and we are proud to say we are one of them. 

We do not support the use of wildcard LE certificates at this time.

Step One - Log in

Log into your Atomic dashboard, and click on the SSL section to your Left, and select "add certificate" 


Step Two - Let's Encrypt!

Select the "Let's Encrypt!" option.


Step Three - Selecting your domain

Select your domain, and any aliases you want to include with it.


Afterwards, select "Apply certificate"

Step Four - Install, Validate...

The first time you validate it may take a moment...


Once it's complete you'll need to test your site explicitly on port 443. This means prefixing your site with "https://".

If everything looks good, you are done. Optionally enforce https on your entire site.

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