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Deploying your sites with Git + Deploy

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  • Integrating Deploy for git based deployments is a simple solution for managing responsible WordPress deployments. Before setting this up please make sure you already have an ssh or sftp account that has access to the server.

          *VPS You can use your personal user or have us create a specific deploy user if needed (contact support).


  1. Github, Bitbucket or Codebase git repository
  2. Deploy account -
  3. SSH or sFTP access to your VPS or shared server

Step 1.

Set up your project in deploy and connect to your git repository.


Follow the remaining steps to connect your repo.

2. Set up the server in Deploy

  • Name your server (staging, production) 
  • Protocol: SSH/sFTP
  • Hostname: (Enter the host name we provided for ssh access) - if you are unsure please contact support.
  • Port: 22
  • Username: your pagely ssh/sftp username
  • Path on server: (VPS) this will always be /sites/                           *change to actual domain name 
  • Path on server (Shared Hosting) wp-content/

  2a. Important You will be using key based authentication instead of a password. Tick the box for "yes" next to Use "SSH Keys for authentication?" Next click the here link at the end of that field, a pop up box with your deploy ssh key will open. 

NOTE: This should be the same public key you've added to your user in your atomic dashboard. See the following article on creating ssh/sftp users and adding SSH keys.

 2b. Deployment Options

  • Enter the email address you'd like to receive deployment notifications to.
  • Choose the branch you will be deploying from (most likely master).
  • Name your server environment (you can create multiple servers, staging, production etc.).
  • Subdirectory can be left blank.

Once you save the server (if it is set properly, the server will be added and you will now be ready to deploy) If there are any errors you will receive a message in your Deploy control panel.

3. You are now ready to deploy, Click the green deploy button to begin your first deployment.

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