VPS Review Checklist

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After Migration

It’s best to use a subdomain since the pagely staging url bypasses our cache layer.

  1. Update your URL to something such as test.example.com, replacing example.com with your domain.
  2. Point your DNS for your new subdomain and update the database URLs to reflect your changes.
  3. Review the site to ensure that all the necessary URLs have been updated and make sure there is no breakage.

Performance Testing

Checking Cache Hit Status

Make sure that the site is properly hitting our cache layer. You can use browser developer tools to check response headers or run this cURL command from a shell.

curl -I http://test.example.com

You are looking for X-Cache-Status: HIT. If you receive a MISS or Bypass you are most likely setting a cookie or PHP session that is causing it to miss. A good place to start is with your plugins by searching for the session_start() function and patching it if possible.

Checking CDN Status

By default the CDN should be enabled. You can double check this in your WordPress dashboard > Pagely > PressCDN. You want to make sure this is active prior to running any traffic tests.

DNS Cutover

Once you have completed the migration and performance testing the last step is pointing the DNS to our servers.

  1. From your domain registrar point the domain using one of our suggested methods
  2. Update the urls in the database, search/replace test.example.com -> example.com
  3. Monitor the DNS propagation using a tool such as https://www.whatsmydns.net

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