Adding DKIM Records With Long Values

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NOTE: This article is for customers that are utilizing our PressDNS service to manage their DNS zones.

This article covers how to add a DKIM record that has a value longer than 255 characters.

Some e-mail providers such as, Google or Office 365 will require you to add DKIM records for validation. Sometimes these records are very long, and cause the following error when you attempt to add them:


This error is occurring because the value of the DKIM record is above 255 characters.


The simple solution is to break up the value into smaller chunks in random places. See example below:

Original DKIM Value:


The above DKIM value is over 400 characters. To break this up, you can add a space in a couple of random places within the value and then enclose each chunk in quotes. See example below: 

New DKIM Value:

"v=DKIM1;p=MIIBIjANBgkqhkiG9w0BAQEFAAOCAQ8AMIIBCgKCAQEA5KJk2W2eZPpm1wtdJz/yrkAU1KNd/HW1BwTCU/TgCgGIn5trSDA6cCdNXyHgYdNM" "F4tK0oPma+aBOCDfs4LBEkFhNTPlxClEpaXbCQqhDUj4eEFI/ySeusYxH6/Fy8u/ym1kTrZcWVM0eFyaepej3/Bl/CVUtc0dohgsUGwgNLY/Z" "pvFUFV11G9B57F0wpfjaXx/cg3C9zmC8Rzx5YmgF1yZr05DgKHUlicbAHaNO67bpWb+i2z7vsrn/DcnWPrTHK27ORFRB3d5sz2Pw4PEI/RpapCZH6xTdAoRFF1tkhmww1sj+QKfmiJMKmaOsLtimwSUgnuju559FTPwAjtQhwIDAQAB"

You should now be able to add the entire DKIM value above into the "Value" section successfully.

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