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If you're seeing the Rate Limiting error, there can be few reasons for that:

  1. A WPMU network may not be using the correct domain(s)
  2. Proxy traffic is not being forwarded properly
  3. Excessive POST requests when accessing a section of the admin dashboard.

NOTE: Rate limiting only affects users at a certain IP that are triggering our rate limiting. All others users should be able to see a site without any issue.

For situation #1, our support team can take a look at the MU setup to ensure the URLs are properly updated in the database

For situation #2, we suggest reviewing our Reverse Proxy Setup article. If you are VPS customer that's triggering our rate limiting, please submit a ticket so we can assist you.

For situation #3, this can be a bit trickier to diagnose. We'll typically ask for the public IP and the steps to replicate the behavior.

Please keep in mind our rate limiting system keeps track of the request rate of POST requests on a per IP address basis. You'd likely want to use your browser's developer tools (such as Chrome's Developer Tools) to check the requests.

If you are on a shared plan, we cannot whitelist your IP as doing so would be detrimental to the shared cluster's overall performance and security.

If you are a VPS customer, we can whitelist an IP address/range but that comes with the important caveat that doing so circumvents stability/security measures we have in place.


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