phpMyAdmin Database Management

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phpMyAdmin is available for all accounts. Depending on your account type, you may need to request it via a support ticket.

While phpMyAdmin can be a useful tool for managing databases from within a browser, it is recommended that you use a dedicated database client such as Sequel Pro or DBeaver. For further instructions on connecting to a database using a dedicated client, see out article on connecting to your database using a MySQL client.

phpMyAdmin On VPS/Enterprise Accounts

For security purposes, phpMyAdmin is not enabled by default on VPS/Enterprise hosting accounts. If you would like to use phpMyAdmin on your VPS/Enterprise account, you may contact support to have it enabled for you.

phpMyAdmin On Legacy Shared Accounts

To access phpMyAdmin on Pagely's legacy shared hosting accounts, simply visit the phpMyAdmin login page and log in using your Atomic control panel credentials.

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