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Many functions occur behind the scenes of your WordPress site. Some of the functions are complex while others are quite simple. In the following glossary, you will find definitions to terms relating to Pagely(R), managed WordPress hosting, and WordPress. 

Pagely-Specific Terms

Atomic Core Hosting Panel

Your control panel where you manage your billing, installs, stats, referrals, and one of the ways to access support.


At Pagely, we developed our infrastructure with security in mind. PressArmor provides the most comprehensive security measures to our network, hardware, and application. Most hosting companies expect their client to handle the security aspect of their WordPress site. While others easily add a plugin to supply the needed security in an unsafe environment.


Short for WordPress Content Delivery Network. PressCDN chooses the best CDN option for your WordPress sites. One size does not fit all in regards to CDN’s.

Whitescreen Eliminator

Back in 2009 we developed the first Whitescreen Eliminator. It gives a site admin control by allowing them to fix the problem through de-activation of plugins and themes.

Primary Domains

The url that you want to use for your WordPress site.

Domain Alias

Alternate domain names that resolve to your primary domain when you want them to. An example would be if you built your site on a staging URL aka domain alias until you are ready to launch and switch it to a Primary domain.


A term Pagely coined back in 2009 to explain the magical simplicity of our automation system. 

Managed WordPress Hosting Terms


Content Delivery Networks have servers all over the world that allow your static assets (images, etc.) to load even faster due to proximity. In other words, if the visitor to your site is in New York, your static assets come from the closest location. A faster site improves search engine rankings according to Google and you’ll receive more pageviews due to lower wait times. Check out our WordPress specific CDN offering called PressCDN.


Domain Name System- It takes your domain name and correlates it to an IP address so computers can find each other on the internet. A similar correlation would be “Suzy’s house” aka Domain name vs “123 W Main St” aka IP address. Or (Domain name) vs (ip address)


Temporary storage of web data so information is retrieved quicker. 


A computer that sends information to other computers. 


A database management system commonly used for the web.


Server scripting language mainly designed for web development. WordPress is written in PHP  


Moving a site from one host to another. Some hosting companies charge for this or refer you to a third party. 


Extensible Markup Language- A computer language that is both computer and human readable. Think of spreadsheets. 


File Transfer Protocol- Transfers files quickly through the internet from one place to another. Not ideal for novices due to the number of files in WordPress.


Secure File Transfer Protocol- Provides secure file transfer, access, and management from one place to another via the internet. It’s an extension of SSH.

SSH/Secure Shell

Offers remote, secure data communication between networked computers in an otherwise insecure network. 

WordPress-Specific Terms

WordPress Core

The foundation of the WordPress platform. 


Provides the function to your site. If you need your site to do something, you use a plugin. 


Provides the look for your site


A whitescreen can occur frequently in WordPress and is caused by both PHP and database errors. It is nothing to worry about and can usually be remedied by de-activating plugins and themes. Pagely customers can fix the problem quicker using our Whitescreen eliminator (tm). 


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