Going Live: Changing Your Site's Domain

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When you are ready to make you site live on your actual domain, do the following.

Changing Your Primary Domain

  1. Begin by logging into the Atomic control panel.
  2. Next, click on Apps on the left side navigation menu.
  3. From within the Apps screen, locate the app that you want to change and click the Settings icon to the right the name.
  4. Under the Domain Names listing, find your domain and click on the Make Primary icon to make it the app's primary domain.


Adding a New Domain Alias

If your domain is not already listed inside the app, you easily add it.

  1. Begin by logging into the Atomic control panel.
  2. To access your app list, click on the Apps menu item on the left side of the screen.
  3. From within your app listing, click on the Settings icon to the right of the app you want to manage.
  4. Next, locate the Domain Names section and click on the Add Domain button to add a new domain alias.
  5. Finally, enter the domain that you want to add and click the Add button.

Your domain alias has now been added. Of course, be sure that this new domain alias is properly pointed to your app.

If you need to set this new domain as the primary domain for the app, just follow the instructions in the previous section.

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