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What happens after I sign up with Pagely?

What does the after-signup process look like at Pagely? Here’s a brief walk-through of what to expect:

After submitting your hosting order, you’ll receive a confirmation email via the Zendesk ticketing system. A ticket will be generated confirming your order and the service you selected, and then the Pagely support team will be immediately notified and will begin the provisioning process.

An Onboarding specialist will be reaching out soon after to acknowledge your order and confirm that we are in the process of provisioning the plan you selected. Server setup process usually takes 2-3 business days.

Zendesk Organization User List

If you have a team that works with you, we ask that you provide us a list of email addresses for everyone who should receive updates to tickets created within Zendesk. This will ensure that your team is fully aware of all Pagely related ticket threads.

Server Provisioning

When the server is provisioned and ready to go, an Operations team member will update the Zendesk ticket with the server details, which include the following:

  • Test App - We create a temporary test app/URL in order for you for confirm everything is working correctly prior to going live. Please note this test app uses one of your available slots. Once you add an app of your own from your Atomic account center, you can delete the test app.
  • DNS - A CNAME will be created so that you have the ability to update your DNS records. It is recommended to point your DNS directly to Pagely using the CNAME provided. For cases where a CNAME is not possible, you may use the IP address provided after the server is provisioned. We can help guide you through this process.


Once your server is activated and ready to go, you’ll be able to add Collaborators and create SSH or SFTP users from within Atomic. Please check the following guides for steps:

- Adding Collaborators

- Adding SSH Keys to your Pagely account

- Using SFTP on your VPS

Internal Upgrades Shared to VPS

If you are migrating from a Pagely shared environment to a VPS, an Onboarding specialist will be reaching out right after the server is provisioned with the next steps for the migration. The agent will provide you with a few time slots that you will be able to choose from as to when the migration will occur. When we migrate customers from a shared environment to a VPS, we configure a live proxy which gets activated upon final sync of the files and databases once we reach the cut-over stage. All traffic is automatically directed to the VPS from the IP address the sites are pointing to using the live proxy. At that point, you can consider it "live" on the VPS. DNS updates can be performed by you or your clients without needing to worry about doing it right after the migration. We keep the live proxy online until you confirm all DNS has been updated.

External Migrations From Another Provider

If you have any sites which you will need us to move to a Pagely VPS from another provider, please fill out the following form to get the process started: https://pagely.com/support/migration-request/.

Once we receive the form, we can then begin the migration process. The migration process takes about 1-3 business days to complete.

If you are an existing Pagely customer upgrading to a VPS from one of our shared hosting solutions, we will migrate them for you at no extra charge. Please file a new support request here to get the process started.

Optimizing your sites for Pagely

We have a handy Optimization Guide to cover the basics of optimizing your sites on Pagely. Please check this out prior to

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