Main Topics

  • Requesting a WordPress Site Migration

    Would you prefer for Pagely to move your site to your new account for you? In this article, we'll show you how to submit a new WordPress site migration request. Begin by logging into the Atomic control panel. Next, visit the Support page using the left side menu. From within the Support page, cl...

  • Contacting Support

    Here at Pagely, we pride ourselves in providing enterprise-class support, without the hassle or tiers that you'd normally see with other hosts. Our goal is to fully resolve your concerns quickly and within the first response. If you ever have any questions or concerns about your site or our manag...

  • What Are Typical Response Times for Support?

    Support is most active 9am - 8pm MST Monday through Friday. During these hours you're almost guaranteed to get a response within one hour. We do monitor during the off hours and provide international/overnight support 24/7.

  • Do You Offer Phone Support?

    Q: Do you offer phone support? A: Unfortunately, we do not offer phone support. Our online support system is always available.