Using SSH on your VPS/Enterprise Server

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SSH is a secure network protocol which allows you to access the VPS to execute commands. To connect to your VPS server via SSH you will need to first enter your public SSH key in the Atomic control panel. The connection information you will need for SSH is a hostname and a username. The username is created once you have entered in your SSH key within Atomic. The hostname can be found within the email sent to you when the VPS was first created. If you can not find that email, please contact our support team and we can provide the hostname. 

Now that you have the hostname and username, you can connect to your server via SSH. For Mac users, we recommend using the "Terminal" application. For PC users, you can use a program such as Putty to connect.

Using the "Terminal" application on a Mac, an example of the connection string would look like this:

ssh -i ~/.ssh/pagelykey user@***


ssh -i ~/.ssh/pagelykey user@***

Where *** is your hostname. If you need help finding your hostname, please refer to the following documentation here.

Using "Putty" on a PC, you will need to enter in the username, hostname, and port. The port is 22. To save this connection information in Putty, input a name under "Saved Sessions", then click Save. Select the session you just created and this will initialize a connection to the VPS. 


When you connect to the VPS for the first time, you will be prompted with a warning about the authenticity of the host. This warning is normal and you can type "yes". You will now be connected to your VPS and using the command line.


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