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What Is the ARES Web Application Gateway?

The ARES Web Application Gateway by Pagely features fully automated deployment and remote configuration of SSL certificates (and much more) allowing for seamless and hands free management by our engineers and robust performance and flexible configuration for our customers. A full list of its features can be found here.

Is There a Way to Confirm Ares Is Already Active on My Account?

Log in to your new Atomic at , click on the SSL tab and if you don't see a "no access" message then you already have access to ARES.

Will I Have Access to Ares If I'm on a Legacy Plan?

ARES is available to you even if you are on a shared plan or a legacy VPS. If you're not already on Ares and are a VPS customer, you may need to contact support for further assistance.

Shared customers will need to take ONE of following two possible actions first:

  1. (Preferred) Switch your domain to use our PressDNS within Atomic and contact support to gain access to our new Interface.
  2. (Okay) UPDATE your DNS A Record and CNAME to point to:

    A Record: @ Points to: 
    CNAME Record: www Points to:

    followed by contacting support to gain access to our new Interface.

Which Is the Best Option for DNS?

Using our PressDNS is the best option, as your traffic will be health checked, you'll have routing through our global geo cache network, and you'll benefit from advanced fail-over features.

The next ideal scenario is using the CNAME for sub domains (www., sub., dev.,), and the two A records for your apex (, with nothing prefixing it).

Following these two methods, using A records will still work. You should use both IP's, as this will utilize something known as a Round Robin DNS technique that distributes the load.

What Might Delay the Ares Update to My VPS?

Several factors, but the largest indicator will be any custom rules or configurations Pagely has set up on your behalf.

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